My personal experience in whitening and smoothing legs

My personal experience in whitening and smoothing legs

Leg whitening is one of the operations that every female always wants to achieve and reach, especially that the feet express the beauty of the woman and the extent of her interest in cleaning and caring for her feet, and this appears through the application of a group of natural solutions that you find, madam, available to us, and they are inexpensive solutions, no Especially as it gives you a great and perfect result in record time without effort or fatigue.


And we, in turn, through your favorite magazine, “The Magazine”, offer you, dear reader, a variety of natural recipes that you can adopt to obtain an ideal and distinctive result, and enjoy feet unparalleled in whiteness and softness, especially that the ingredients contained in these recipes are all simple and natural and you will find them around you at home or in the market, as it will not cost you much.


Use the local soap recipe to whiten the legs:


Municipal soap recipe for men


For all those who wish to have smooth and very attractive feet free of pigmentation and spots, as well as problems that make the feet do not appear distinctive, especially since the beauty of a woman can only be integrated with the softness of hands and feet. The best recipes that give you what you want.


In the recipe, you will need to mix a spoon of municipal soap with a spoon of baking soda well, then apply the recipe on your feet, put a plastic bag on it and leave it for about 45 minutes, then rinse with warm water with rubbing and you will see the result in the moment, and do not forget to apply a soft moisturizer to your feet.


Try the perfect starch recipe for whitening and smoothing legs:


Here is my lady, the mighty recipe that gives you soft and very beautiful feet as it removes sediments and cracks and treats feet problems and makes them like children’s skin, and it is one of the most wonderful, most beautiful and most successful recipes that you can adopt in whitening legs, and reach a mighty and ideal result in record time, do not hesitate to try it and judge for yourself From the first uses.


You will need two tablespoons of glycerine cream, lemon juice and a tablespoon of starch, then mix the ingredients well and then apply it on your feet after soaking them in warm water for 10 minutes, then cover your feet with plastic wrap and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with soap and water with rubbing, then rub your feet with Johnson’s or Johnson’s oil olive oil and wear socks and you will see the result for yourself.





Here is the distinctive glycerine recipe for whitening legs:


glycerine recipe


Madam, you can adopt the distinguished and powerful starch recipe in whitening the legs, softening them and making them like children’s skin. yourself for the result.


You can mix two tablespoons of starch with a quantity of lemon juice and a tablespoon of glycerin and mix well until you get a cohesive mixture, then apply the recipe on the feet and leave it for 30 minutes, then put a bowl in warm water and put your feet in it for 10 minutes, then start rubbing it with your fingers well until That the recipe is gone, then change the water and rinse well and you will see that the result will appear to you from the first use, but it is preferable to repeat it at least twice a week.


Important tip:


Dear woman, you can adopt one of these recipes that we suggested to you, and it is one of the distinctive natural recipes, which you can try to get glowing white feet, on smooth feet as you dream, try it and see for yourself the result you want, and the basic condition for the success of these recipes is that Keep it up.



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