After a few weeks of absence, I am happy to meet you again to share with you my 100% organic, vegan & natural facial care routine!  . You must know that when it comes to beauty and hygiene, I am a natural believer. No chemicals, no miracle cream with a list of incomprehensible ingredients… I prefer raw and organic products. And my skin thanks me! Plus, I’m sure they’re not tested on animals. Only positive



Rosemary Verbenone Hydrosol


In the morning, I start by spraying my favorite hydrolat (or floral water) on my face. I have tested several and my favorite is undoubtedly that of Romarin Verbénone. I love its very fresh smell! Then I take a make-up remover square (I’ll tell you about it a little further down) and I wipe my face. After the passage of the hydrosol I find that my complexion is unified and my skin re-hydrated, it is an essential.

Aloe Vera Gel


I continue the hydration step by taking two pressures of aloe vera gel, which I massage in gently. This gel is also very pleasant to apply because it is very fresh (I store it in the refrigerator to keep it better, just like the hydrosol). Among its many benefits: its moisturizing, healing, soothing side and the famous tensor effect. 

Jojoba oil


Then I take a vegetable oil, usually jojoba. I also use two pressures, which I always apply by massaging. If my bottle is finished, I sometimes replace it with olive oil, which works just as well but is better suited to dry skin that needs a nutritional boost. Jojoba oil is a so-called “dry” oil, perfect for oily and/or acne-prone skin because it has a regulating action on sebum secretions. I highly recommend it!

That’s it for my morning skincare routine! Very simple, with only 3 products: hydrosol + aloe vera + vegetable oil, all of which I buy from Biocoop. My perfect combo <3


And if a button points the tip of his nose? In times of great stress (exams) or pre-menstrual period, this happens to me. In this case, I add a drop of  Indemne on the button. In general, it has almost disappeared the next day! Composed of vegetable and essential oils, I love this lotion. It is a bit expensive  but lasts a very long time. I’ve had mine for over a year and I’m not ready to finish it!


Olive oil


In the evening, to remove my make-up, I always use vegetable oil. Often it’s olive oil, but I also like jojoba, hazelnut or even castor oil. I pour a small amount into my hand, warm it between my fingers, then apply to my eyes. I massage gently, insisting well on the eyelashes. When I look like a panda, it’s over! 😉

This make-up removal has the advantage of gently removing make-up, without attacking the sensitive skin around the eye.

Make-up remover squares “Les Tendances d’Emma”

Then, to remove the oil from my eyes, I use the washable make-up remover pads I’ve been testing them for 2 months now and I couldn’t live without them! Ecological, economical and very practical, they are also very soft. The kit of 15 squares, the washing net and the organic cotton kit  It’s an investment, but knowing that you will keep them for several years, it is worth it. They wash very easily in the machine with your usual laundry. Big hit! <3 I simply run them under water before removing my make-up. You can also use a hydrosol (I really like the chamomile one).

And that’s it for make-up removal!  In fact, I only make up my eyes (mascara + eyeliner). I reserve foundation and such for occasions. When this happens, I use oil all over my face, always massaging well to remove all makeup. Then I clean it with Marseille soap and rinse with water. I then take make-up remover pads soaked in hydrosol that I rub all over my face to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. Finally I move on to hydration & nutrition thanks to aloe vera gel and jojoba oil.




I’m not a big fan of scrubs that irritate and strip the skin. But once a month, if I notice that my skin is dry, I do a homemade scrub. Nothing could be simpler: I mix a little organic blond sugar and apricot oil Then I apply this preparation on my face (avoiding the eye area) and I rub very gently. The grains of sugar will exfoliate the skin and rid it of dead skin, while the oil nourishes and gives a healthy glow. Then, I rinse my face under water and I spray a hydrosol. My skin is very soft and has regained its radiance!

There you go, you know everything about my face routine  😉

Tell me in the comments what you use and if you have the same favorites as me!

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