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My Experience With Collagen Pills With Vitamin C - Care Beauty

My Experience With Collagen Pills With Vitamin C

Our Magazine offers you in this article a topic that talks about my experience with collagen pills with vitamin C, how to use collagen pills with vitamin C, collagen pills with vitamin C fattening, collagen pills and period, my experience with collagen soap, collagen pills from the pharmacy, and the appropriate age to use Collagen pills, and collagen (in English: Collagen) is a type of protein, and it consists of two types of amino acids; They are: lysine acid, proline acid, and the importance of collagen lies in the fact that it forms connective and supportive tissues in different parts of the body; As it constitutes a large percentage of the skin, which amounts to 75%; For this reason, it receives great attention from experts and manufacturers of cosmetics, while in the rest of the body it amounts to 30%. It is worth noting that the body is able to manufacture this protein by itself, but this process requires the presence of vitamin C, as it is important for converting the amino acids that make up collagen into other forms important for the manufacture of this protein, and vitamin C is one of the powerful antioxidants that Helps eliminate free radicals that are known to destroy collagen, causing premature aging and tissue damage… Follow along.


My Experience With Collagen Pills With Vitamin C


My experience with collagen pills with vitamin C. Collagen pills are protein fibers that are found in muscle tissue, skin, bones, cartilage, nails, and teeth. Collagen is found in all these organs in very natural quantities, as God placed in the human body, but lies The danger is that collagen decreases from the body, as it may lead to the deterioration of most of the body’s organs.


A young man at the age of 39 tells that he suffers from frequent hair loss, and he used many types of oils and creams, until he thought that the reason might be from shaving shops. The young man went to a dermatologist, to treat the problem of hair loss, but without the benefit of medicines and treatments, and he remained on this. For six months, his hair fell out dramatically and reached the stage of baldness. One of his friends advised him to try collagen pills, and buy collagen capsules with vitamin C through stores. Indeed, the young man went to his computer and made an online purchase from the site, and the product arrived within two weeks, says the young man. I took 2 capsules in the morning, one at noon, and one evening, for a period of one week, then I reduced the dose once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening, as my friend advised me, and with the use of the first month, hair growth began to improve, and not only that, but I found an improvement In the psychological state, the skin and the absence of joint pain, which I was suffering from.



The girls’ experiences with collagen pills: I never expected that I would gain weight in this way. This is how the girl told us about her story, with collagen pills and vitamin C. She says I weigh 50 kilograms and my height is 175 cm. My weight does not match my height, so I went to a slimming doctor, and when I entered the doctor The doctor smiled and said you want to lose weight!! ,,, The doctor asked for some hormonal analyzes and examinations first, and she prescribed COLLAGEN tablets, collagen capsules. I took them once in the morning and once in the evening, and I continued for three months, and I was following the growth of my weight, until I reached 70 kilos in three months, and the doctor advised me not to stop treatment once. One, and I asked to continue taking collagen for another three months, one tablet a day after breakfast, collagen pills for fattening and increasing body growth, and from my experience I recommend using it with the doctor’s supervision. How to use collagen pills with vitamin C


Collagen is considered one of the types of proteins, and it is a major component of all parts of the body, including cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and skin. Now here is how to use collagen pills with vitamin C.


Collagen pills are taken two or three hours after an approved meal. Two or three pills of collagen are taken at an amount of 400 mg, and a glass of water is drunk in the evening before bedtime. To take advantage of it during sleep, and to be absorbed and distributed to the rest of the body. It is preferable not to drink or eat anything during the period in which collagen pills are taken in the evening and at bedtime, so that collagen does not lose its effectiveness and disintegrate and break with food. Collagen pills need from two to four months to benefit from them properly. complete and for its results to appear on the body, and it is advisable to stop using it in the event that you do not feel a positive result. Collagen pills with vitamin C are fattening


Collagen is used to inflate the cheeks and lips, but it is not used to gain weight. On the contrary, collagen is used to lose weight, as it works to increase the muscle mass of the body, as it is one of the proteins in the body.


Collagen provides a feeling of satiety and fullness, which reduces the amount of foods eaten. Collagen works to reduce appetite. Collagen contributes to maintaining and increasing the body’s muscle mass, which in turn increases calorie burning and thus weight loss. Some people believe that collagen pills should be taken in In the morning on an empty stomach to increase absorption, while others think that collagen pills should be taken at night before bedtime, and there is no scientific evidence for this, so collagen can be taken at any time of the day.


Collagen pills and periodThere is no relationship between collagen and the menstrual cycle, on the contrary, because the menstrual cycle causes the loss of many important vitamins in the body during its existence, and collagen works to stimulate these elements and supply the body with the materials it needs, from vitamins and other nutrients, but if it happens And the menstrual period is delayed when taking collagen protein. You should consult a doctor. The delay in taking collagen pills is not related to the menstrual cycle. On the contrary, it is desirable to take them, as the cycle affects the woman’s body physiologically, and it loses many elements, and therefore the body needs to supply it with vitamins and elements. Different diets. But if the cycle is delayed every time collagen protein is taken, there is a need to consult a doctor. A large number of people confirmed that they take collagen pills or not, in order to get rid of arthritis completely, because collagen has many anti-inflammatory properties. For inflammation, those infections that affect and strengthen immunity, and important nutritional supplements that help in the process of reducing pain. But before taking collage pills For the treatment of joint pain and inflammation, you should consult a doctor first, because the American Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated collagen pills yet, and their ability to treat arthritis. My experience with collagen soap

Collagen is known as the main protein in connective tissues in muscles, skin, ligaments, cartilage, bones, and tissues; So skin needs it essential; Because it works to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of signs of premature aging.

Collagen gives elasticity to the skin, and this reduces the development of wrinkles in the skin, which gives it freshness and vitality. With age, collagen breaks down, and its production decreases in the body, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Getting a good amount of collagen prevents this from happening. By treating scars, especially those resulting from acne, as with age and collagen molecules break down, scars can form more easily, so collagen can reduce or eliminate the appearance of these scars, which makes the skin clear and bright. Collagen may hide wrinkles, so with age it begins Thin lines and wrinkles appear, and the sun’s rays can double the effect, so collagen hides these wrinkles, but for a temporary period.



Collagen pills from the pharmacy


Collagen pills are the best product to provide the body with the necessary collagen as well as containing vitamin C to obtain white skin with a healthy and clean appearance, as these pills work with vitamin C to nourish the body, hair and nails, in order to obtain healthy and shiny hair as well as strong nails In addition to fighting skin wrinkles and signs of aging, this medicinal product helps in addressing these problems, in addition to the problem of dark circles around the eyes.


The best collagen pills from the pharmacy.. BioBalance Collagen Capsules These pills are among the best collagen pills, because they consist of natural elements, as their ingredients come from extracts of some types of fish, so they are pure and considered natural by more than 95 percent. These grains contribute to healthy and sound nutrition for the body in general, and for the skin in particular, making it flexible and moist, and always maintaining its vitality and youth. Therefore, this type of pill is necessary to maintain the skin and protect it from the manifestations of aging and aging. and ligaments in the body, and muscle contraction. It also contributes greatly to maintaining hair, skin and nails, because it contains a wide range of amino acids that the body needs. These medical collagen pills are characterized by their rapid absorption and effect, and they give you satisfactory results in a short period.The appropriate age for using collagen pills


Numerous research and scientific studies have proven that collagen pills have a significant effect in reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles, sagging skin, and signs of premature aging. These grains also give your skin moisture, distinctive softness, flexibility and vitality, in addition to strengthening your nails and nourishing your hair follicles. These grains also play an important role in maintaining your bones and joints, and contribute to the wound healing process as well.



Collagen supplements can be started from the age of 25-30; To preserve cells from damage, protect them from aging, and reduce the process of losing natural collagen from skin cells. As for the elderly, they can start taking it when signs of aging begin to repair damaged cells. When a woman reaches 40 years, she loses between 10-20% From natural collagen, and when she reaches the age of 50, she loses the equivalent of half of the collagen in the skin, especially in the first five years after menopause, due to the significant decrease in estrogen levels, which can decrease by up to 30%.