My experience with a gold thread facelift


Thread lift surgery is one of the most popular types of facelift operations, it is not a modern one, it has been known for many years and has been developing with the technological development and the multiplicity of types of medical threads used in this process.

With the advancement in the world of cosmetics, other types of threads have appeared, which are classified as non-surgical, the most famous of which are golden threads, which were used by a plastic surgeon in a face-lift.

My experience with a face lift with golden threads

• The beginning was with the stages in which the operation took place. The doctor examined me to determine the size of the wrinkles to be removed or reduced, as well as to choose the appropriate type of threads, so the golden strings were the best.

• The doctor used a local anesthetic on my face to relieve my sensations of tingling needles or tightening threads under the skin.

• He then inserted two needles and one thread on each side of the face, from the scalp and at the ears, and passed it through the facial tissues under the skin.

• Intentionally connecting the threads to the wrinkles of the area around the mouth and nose, then pulling the thread gently and tightening the skin, followed by the second thread near the mouth to tighten the lower area of ​​the face.

After these steps, the doctor installed and cut the thread.

• Before the hour-long golden line facelift finished, he cleansed the complexion.

After the golden thread facelift

After I underwent a gold thread facelift, redness and some swelling appeared at the injection sites and in the areas of entry and exit of the thread, so I needed to take pain reliever and antibiotics, according to the doctor’s prescription.

The result was satisfactory, which I noticed within a few weeks after the disappearance of redness and swelling.

What is the difference between golden threads and other types of threads used for face lift?

Golden strings

Golden Threads are the most popular and best type of facelift thread, and it is also the most expensive compared to the rest of the types, because it stimulates the collagen substance under the skin responsible for the production of new, more youthful tissue that resists the problem of wrinkles of the skin. The most important advantage, from the experts’ point of view, is that these strands completely dissolve inside the facial tissues, and thus have no visible presence, and their result often lasts for two years.

Polypropylene yarn

Polypropylene, which is non-absorbable quickly, is very safe and effective on the skin. Its results last for a long time, ranging from 4 to 5 years depending on the condition of the face and the depth of wrinkles.

Aptus filament

Aptos Threads are safe and very effective threads that do not take a long time to notice their results, so face-lifts that use this type of thread are witnessing a wide demand, in addition to their acceptable price.

Knotted strings

Screw Threads, this type of thread is used for people with sensitive skin, as it is very thin and results in only two years.

Cog yarn

Cog Threads are very fine threads that have very small teeth to mesh in the places to be tightened. It is used for sagging skin as a result of weight loss and for wrinkles, in contrast, these strands quickly dissolve and their effects disappear after two years of the operation.

Mono yarn

Mono Threads are one of the most popular types of facial threads, because they are suitable for all skin types and achieve quick results, and they last for two years.

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