mixture to remove melasma and freckles permanently

A mixture to remove melasma and freckles permanently


Melasma and freckles

Many people suffer from the presence of freckles on their faces, and many of them consider it an unpleasant feature in the face, so they are looking for the most efficient ways to get rid of freckles and enjoy a clear, pure, and bright skin, so we seek in this article to present some mixtures that enable these people from reaching the goal they seek, but before that let us agree on the concept of costs; Where it is defined as dark brown spots and dark color in some areas of the skin, which are often found in the face, and to remove it with natural mixtures, it is necessary to constantly use these mixtures to reach the desired result, there is no magic mixture that removes it from the first use.


Freckle removal recipes

• Here is this effective recipe, especially if you have oily skin and seek to get rid of freckle spots. Bring a spoonful of flour, some milk, and lemon juice, and do not forget a spoonful of honey, then mix all the ingredients until it becomes like the consistency of a soft dough, then put The mixture for twenty minutes of time on your face and neck, after the passage of time remove it and wipe it using rose water, and then wash these areas with cold water.

• This method is very easy. It depends on you bringing an apple and then peeling and mashing it, then put it on the spots you want to get rid of, and repeat this recipe on a daily basis to get a good result.

• Another good recipe, which requires you to bring: one tablespoon each of apple cider vinegar, bee honey, and half a tablespoon of salt, mix the ingredients and apply it to the place of dark spots and melasma, leave it for two hours, then wash your face, and repeat it on a daily basis if you want to reach to the desired result.

Bring a spoonful of table salt and another of glycerin and apple cider vinegar, mix them all and put them in the place of the stains, leave the mixture for two hours, and continue with this recipe until you get the desired result.

Bring a hot radish and grate it, take a teaspoon of it, squeeze two small lemons, then soak the grated in lemon juice for forty-eight hours, and make sure the room is warm, then fill it in a bottle, and use this product to paint the areas of freckles using a piece of cotton, and repeat the fat daily.

• Prepare a lotion consisting of almond powder as well as liquid milk, save it, and rub the area where the skin is affected by melasma with this lotion, then leave it for five minutes on the affected areas, and know that this mixture acts as a natural exfoliator, and if you keep using it, make sure that you will be impressed by the results.