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Mistakes you make that cause the aging of the skin on your neck - Care Beauty

Mistakes you make that cause the aging of the skin on your neck


When it comes to our anti-aging strategies, most of us care about protecting our faces but many of us neglect our necks, and the results are a refreshed face with a sagging neck, if the neck shows signs of aging, it may betray the most heroic attempt to combat the effects of time. Worse yet, the contrast between a well-maintained face and an overlooked neck can bring out age. So how do you keep your neck as firm and supple as possible?

Not moisturizing the neck area: When you moisturize the face, do you routinely include the neck? Most of us spend time and money investing in the right face cream, unfortunately, the common practice is to moisturize from forehead to chin and not more than an inch. Many products are marketed for the face, but not for the neck, which pushes the neck to the back of our minds. Take an extra second to lather your neck with a rejuvenating cleanser, or even consider using retinoids.

Not exfoliating or cleaning your neck properly: If you use a harsh cleanser on your neck, it may contribute to making the skin more fragile. Regular exfoliation of the neck area can stimulate the skin and remove dead skin cells.

Does not protect the neck from the harmful rays of the sun: the hat and checking the sunscreen on the face, checking that the neck is exposed? Check if you don’t apply sunscreen daily to your neck, you are leaving the skin exposed to UV rays. Another tip? Wear a scarf in the winter. Cold weather can drain the skin.

Not drinking enough water or eating nutrient-rich food: healthy skin begins with proper nutrition. A diet rich in omega-3 acids can help support skin health and function. Reduce dehydrating foods and drinks.

You smoke: Smoking is the number one enemy to beautiful skin. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, which impairs blood flow. This deprives the skin of the nutrients it gets, whether from eating or from other vitamins that are applied to the skin.

Ways to protect the neck from the appearance of aging

You’re wearing too much perfume on your neck if you are spraying your neck, stop! The alcohol in perfumes causes wrinkles. Some fragrances also contain musk, which makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. Place it on your wrists instead.

Your neck jewelry is very heavy: A claustrophobic knot might lead to LBD formation but it can also stretch and sag the skin. Occasionally, use door knobs or rings to rest your neck.

Daily attention to neck moisturizing: Look for products that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C, and glycolic acid, which work to build collagen and skin.

Your weight swings a lot: If you have always been losing and gaining the same 20 pounds, this could cause wrinkles around your neck, make sure you maintain your weight.

You’re not doing exercises that target the neck area: Sit in a chair and lift your face toward the ceiling. Open your mouth wide and try to place your lower lip over your upper lip. Hold for 3 seconds. Relax and repeat the exercise 10 times. Do this a few times a day, and your neck will look like your 15-year-old

You’re skipping SPF: SPF is must-have. Look for one that contains antioxidants, such as vitamin C; They increase the effectiveness of blocking sunlight.