Milk Mixed Botox Mask

Milk Mixed Botox Mask






1 Egg


1 Teaspoon of Salt


1 dessertspoon of honey


1 Dessert of Lemon Juice


1 Tablespoon of Milk


Preparation and application:


Break the egg and separate the yolk from the white. Egg yolk will be used in our mask. For this reason, put the egg white on the shelf.


Combine all ingredients in a small glass bowl and mix well with a wooden spoon.


Rub the mixture all over your skin.


Wait 15 minutes.


Apply the mask to your skin again and let it thicken.


Wait 15 minutes.


In the same way, apply the mask to your skin again to remove the last layer.


Wait 15 minutes.


Wash it first with plenty of warm water, then with cold water.


Dry with a towel.


Apply some of the moisturizing cream you use to your skin.




Apply this mask, which revitalizes the skin and plumps the face, regularly 2 times a week. Before a month is up, the fullness on your face will begin to be seen with the naked eye.


Before applying the mask to your skin, clean your face thoroughly with soap.


It is important to stir with a wooden spoon. We recommend a wooden spoon so that the honey you use does not lose its effect.


This mask rejuvenates the skin and has an instant botox effect. The effects of the ingredients in the mask on the skin are as follows;


Milk; With its rich calcium and protein content, it softens the hardened areas on the skin and ensures the protection of the skin’s unique color balance.


Lemon juice; With its antiseptic feature, it prevents the formation of bacteria on the skin and purifies the skin from microbes, and provides lightening of the skin color with its acidic feature. It also helps to tighten the skin.


Salt; It creates a peeling effect on the skin and purifies the skin from dead cells.


Honey; Provides deep hydration of the skin.


Egg yolk; Egg, which is a rich source of protein, replenishes the protein needed by the skin and ensures the healing of damaged tissues formed on the skin.


In addition to the fact that the mask is routinely made 2 times a week, you should not go out without wearing this mask when you have special days! Your self-confidence will be complete with your glowing and self-revealing skin. However, you should definitely try it on your skin before applying it on your special days. Because it carries risks. Maybe your skin may have an allergic reaction. For this reason, your day may be ruined without going to your special day.