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Milk mask for sensitive skin and sunburn

Is your skin sensitive? Is your skin affected by sunburn? Does your skin appear chapped, freckles and spots when you go out in the sun?


Here is this wonderful mask to moisturize the skin, sunburn and the rest of the skin irritations, in addition to that it is used for all types of skin, but if your skin is oily, add points of lemon juice to the mask, and if your skin is dry, add honey


Mask Components:


A cup of natural yogurt + ½ cup of flour


How to prepare :

Mix the ingredients together and apply them to your skin for a quarter of an hour, then wipe your skin with sterile cotton wipes.


Other additions to the flour mask:

Eggs: Mix the flour with the eggs and apply it to your skin, then remove the mask with a few drops of warm water, then with sterile wipes.

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