Military diet.. its effectiveness and harm

A variety of diets have appeared, and people are now confused about which diet to follow, and it has become really difficult to understand and know which diet to follow; to be healthy.


The military diet is one such diet, which is popular on social media platforms these days, and because of which many people are keen to know and follow this diet.


Before doing that, let’s understand the nutritional value it contains, and whether it is as healthy as it sounds:


What is the military diet?


First, to get it right, this diet plan has nothing to do with the military, and Clinical Dietitian Shilpa Singh has revealed the details of the military diet. She explained that this diet boosts your metabolism, by reducing the number of calories to a significant level, and this is actually a short-term diet, and should not continue for more than two weeks. Because the intake of calories and nutrients in this diet is less, to the point that it may cause weakness and fatigue in the body. It’s a lot like a strict diet with few benefits.


Military diet and weight loss


The military diet is widely used among people to lose weight in a few days, and this diet relies heavily on calorie restriction, which is claimed to help you lose weight by 4 kilograms in one week, and this diet plan is supposed to be followed for 3 days, Then rest for 4 days, and this is repeated for several weeks, in order to reach the desired weight.


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The military diet is a form of intermittent fasting, but it is not fixed, and as a result, it reduces excess weight, but it also has significant risks, and causes digestive problems.


Nutrition in the military diet


The military diet is divided into 2 phases over the course of 7 days: in the first 3 days, there are a number of restrictions in the diet, and in the other 4 days there are no restrictions. This diet plan provides 3 meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, regular, but there is no room for snacks in between.


You are only allowed to get 1,100 to 1,400 calories per day, depending on your activity volume and BMI ratio, and that’s roughly half the average amount of calories an adult’s body needs to be healthy and grow, and with fewer calories, the body meets its needs. daily by getting rid of the excess fat accumulated on the tissues and muscles.


For a safe diet option, it is important that you have an adequate amount of nutrients in those 1,100 calories, however it is important that you do not follow this diet without the advice of a nutritionist or doctor.

Is the military diet effective?


According to a nutritionist, the military diet is not a good nutritious, and it can be replaced by intermittent fasting, or some other diet, and the reason is that this diet makes the functions of the digestive system work more hard than normal, and the military diet is not very healthy, because it loses important nutrients Such as: carbohydrates, vitamin B12, and proteins. So it should be taken into consideration only after the advice of a doctor

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