Mesotherapy for the skin


Mesotherapy for the skin is one of the modern skin techniques that we have been seeing in a big way in recent times, so what are mesotherapy injections? And what are the potential benefits of using them? And how does it work? And what are their side effects?

What is mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a form of treatment that can be used to relieve a wide range of problems. Offering mesotherapy large amounts of vitamins and minerals for the skin, to help it regenerate and repair itself. This is done using a very small needle.

Work mesotherapy somewhat differently depending on the exact nature of the treatment. For example, when used to treat cellulite, mesotherapy injections are injected into the subcutaneous fat layer, where fat cells decompose and shrink.

Benefits of Mesotherapy for the skin

Mesotherapy technology offers the following benefits to the skin:

It is considered an adjuvant treatment for facial rejuvenation in a non-surgical manner.

It helps one to have healthy and glowing facial skin.

Nourish the skin to a wide range of vitamins, peptides, minerals and amino acids.

It prevents anti-aging effects because it serves to deliver nutrition to the dermis. 

Mesotherapy is also used to address many other beauty concerns such as cellulite, excess weight, body tightening, and face / neck rejuvenation.

Mesotherapy can also be used to reduce body weight and dissolve fat but liposuction is the most effective and rewarding procedure to address the problem of excess fat deposition. The fastest way to remove fat is only liposuction, however, if your budget is not too high and you are also desperate to remove fat without Choosing Surgical Procedures, opt for mesotherapy only to remove fat deposits.

Mechanism of Mesotherapy of the epidermis

The mechanism of mesotherapy is as follows:

Through this technique, the doctor gives the patient a local anaesthetic on the skin surface. Local anesthesia is an anesthetic medium given to temporarily prevent pain in a certain area of the body. After that the doctor starts using a short narrow needle and injects it into the middle of the skin. The injection process is carried out at a depth of 1-4 mm depending on the condition and depth. 

For mesotherapy around the eyes, because it is carried out in a sensitive place, this method should be of high sensitivity and accuracy, and the practitioner should be very careful about it. This technique around the eye is a good way to remove wrinkles and dark circles around the eye, but it must be borne in mind that this method should be repeated around the eye more than once to get the desired results.

Mesotherapy and slimming, using this method, accumulated fat can be burned and it is better to continue to use it with Slimming devices such as the RAF to achieve the desired result.

Harm of Mesotherapy injection

Since mesotherapy is injected directly into the desired location, side effects are thought to be limited or reduced, but possible side effects of Mesotherapy include:

Immediate or late allergic reaction to injected drugs / solutions.

Lecithin is known to cause inflammation and swelling.

Skin infections.

Pigmentation at the injection site.

Bruising at the injection site.

Ulceration, scarring and deformation at the injection site.

In general, we always advise any lady who wants to take any cosmetic procedure, no matter how small, to choose the right place and the right doctor, and to make sure that the materials used are clean and know what the materials are also, so as to avoid any harmful side effects that may affect her skin after the procedure, especially those related to neglecting the cleanliness of the needles used, and thus to get the unexpected opposite results, which may worsen and become much complicated over time.