Men Who Consume Sugary Drinks Have a Higher Risk of Baldness

Baldness are the common grievances of millions of men around the world. Recently, many men have been trying to fight the problem of baldness thanks to the developments in the field of hair transplantation. However, even today, modern medicine has not found a definite solution against baldness. However, some scientific studies suggest that certain habits have a direct impact on baldness. One of those habits is sugar! According to a recent scientific study in China, there is a strong link between sugary drink consumption and hair loss! Let’s look at the details together…


China ⁇ Scientists from the University of Cingua last year conducted a study examining the relationship between male drinking habits and baldness


18-45 years old 1028 male subjects living in China participated in the study. The subjects answered questions about hair loss, eating habits and mental health from January to April 2022. Chinese scientists obtained some rather interesting findings at the end of this study.


According to the study results, the rate of hair loss in men who consume drinks such as cola, fruit juice, energy drinks or sugary tea every day is 30 percent higher than those who never consume it

In those who consume more than one cup of sugary drinks per day, this is 42 percent. So as the consumption of sugary drinks in men increases, so does the likelihood of hair loss and baldness. But according to scientists, the only thing that increases the risk of hair loss in men is not sugary drinks.


Factors such as foods consumed throughout the day, general health status and stress are among the factors that affect hair loss. On the other hand, according to scientists, there is not a cause-and-effect relationship between hair loss and sugary drink consumption, but a correlation.


According to Chinese scientists, there is a relationship between sugary drink consumption and mental health!


According to a study published recently in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nutrients, overestimating sugary drinks also negatively affects men’s mental health. According to research, men who consume three or more sugary drinks per day are 25 percent more likely to develop depression than those who do not.

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