Melasma treatment and why do you get it? And ways to stop its spread


The treatment of melasma in the foot needs to know its treatment. A number of people who suffer from melasma, but not in the face area, but in the foot area, which is one of the areas that can be affected by melasma, but not in the same proportion as melasma of the face, and melasma is a non-communicable disease that affects the skin and causes In the appearance of dark spots on the outer layer of the skin, which makes it appear unpleasant and causes distress to everyone who suffers from it, and here we will learn about ways to get rid of and treat melasma, especially melasma of the feet.


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Melasma of the foot is one of the types of melasma that arise from the presence of hyperpigmentation, which occurs as a result of several different and various reasons, but in the end leads to the appearance of dark spots as a result of the accumulation of melanin pigment in one area from the other.


As the melanin pigment is responsible for the pigment of the skin color, and when its secretion increases, it causes spots in the place where it increased significantly as a result of its gathering.


It should be noted that the appearance of melasma and age spots are harmless skin problems, but when these spots change and start to itch and bleed, or that their shape, size and color have changed as well, you should consult a doctor immediately.


Types of melasma


There are three types of melasma, and they are divided according to their location and location of the skin layers, as follows:


Melasma that affects the upper layer, which is located in the first layers of the skin, and appears in the form of brown pigmentation and has specific edges. The second type is melasma that affects and is located in the deep layers of the skin and can be distinguished as blue-gray spots. The third melasma is mixed melasma, which affects The superficial and deep layers of the skin, which makes it appear in the form of a grayish-brown pigment


The treatment of melasma includes several steps that can be taken to get rid of it, and the appearance of the skin in its natural appearance, but it must be said that the treatment of deep and different melasma is more difficult and needs more time than the melasma that affects the upper layer, and these are the most important methods used in the treatment of melasma:


The use of chemical peels, which is by using a chemical solution with a high pH of approximately 2.0, to exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells, and it also helps stimulate the growth of new skin cells. Laser treatment, which is one of the most important treatments used in the treatment of melasma in all Its types, where the specialist doctor adjusts the laser waves according to the depth of the melasma, the surface layers differ in their focus from the deep layers, and the laser works to stun the affected area by the high-energy light that comes out from the laser device. The use of microdermabrasion of the skin to treat melasma, which is done by the hands of a doctor Specialized beautician, who scrapes the affected skin area and is used with the outer layer of the skin. The use of extreme cold on melasma spots by liquid nitrogen, which is done in specialized clinics in order to freeze and destroy abnormal cells, which is a safe method in general, in addition to that It rarely causes scars.


Causes of foot freckles


Melasma occurs as a result of many causes, which may be direct or indirect, but eventually lead to the appearance of dark spots on the skin, and it increases in some cases than others, and the appearance of melasma is due to:


Its appearance is closely related to pregnancy due to the increase in female hormones, the most important of which is estrogen.Using hormonal contraceptive pills.Taking medications that contain photosensitizing substances.Ovary defects.When there is an imbalance in the thyroid gland, especially hypothyroidism.The appearance of hyperpigmentation. What happens after infections. Skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis or a skin infection, they cause an increase in melanin in the areas where the skin injury appeared.


Total creams and ointments are used to treat melasma and get rid of the dark spots in which they are located or in the leg or any area where these spots appear, but after the diagnosis is made and the doctor confirms that it is melasma spots and is not a symptom of any other disease, and these are the most important creams used:


Use hydroquinone cream, which works to lighten dark areas, and a gel or cream is available from it. Corticosteroid creams, with creams of vitamin A compounds, work to lighten the skin directly and also help to get rid of dark spots. Use compound creams, which are by incorporating hydroquinone creams. And corticosteroid creams. Creams containing azelaic acid, as well as those containing kojic acid.


Here comes the end of our talk about the treatment of melasma, which is similar in treatment to other types of melasma, which appear on the face or any other place in the body, making sure that the injury is the result of the accumulation of melanin pigment and not the result of any other disease.

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