Mealtimes are key to losing extra pounds


An American study confirmed that those who neglect breakfast are more likely to be obese, and that this behavior exposes the person to diabetes and heart disease, according to “Madam” magazine.
She added that eating breakfast reduces feelings of hunger later in the day, which makes it easier to avoid overeating. Also, breakfast at the beginning of the morning helps to improve metabolism, and without this morning signal, the body will burn fewer calories.
She explained that the best way to get rid of obesity and reduce waist circumference is to eat a large breakfast, a medium lunch, a small dinner, or skip dinner altogether.
In the event that you do not skip dinner, it is recommended to eat a meal rich in fiber, which contains grain bran, oatmeal, or some legumes such as beans. It is also useful for dinner to contain a lot of protein.
And she continued, any sweets should be avoided after the evening falls, because they play an influential role in weight gain, and they are also associated with depression and insomnia.

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