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Manicure, garlic and lemon for long and more feminine nails - Care Beauty

Manicure, garlic and lemon for long and more feminine nails

Ladies, we offer you natural recipes for long, more beautiful and feminine nails. Long nails enhance the beauty of the hands and add femininity and elegance to their appearance. However, many people usually suffer from short and brittle nails that cause them distress and reduce their self-confidence. Elegance will not be complete without more feminine nails.

Nails can be strengthened in several ways:

1- A mixture of garlic and lemon

Nature always provides us with health and beauty, and garlic and lemon are compounds inspired by nature that increase the delicacy of your hands, with one clove of garlic rubbed continuously on the nails for a minute, then the hands are powdered with a little warm water to which the juice of two lemons is added, and this process is repeated for 3 times At least once a week to get more beautiful nails.


2- Castor and almond oil

The oil works to promote nail growth naturally and quickly, just mix a spoonful of castor oil with a spoonful of almond oil, and massage the nails with it on a daily basis.

3 healthy food

Healthy food is the best way to cure or prevent diseases, and healthy food is one of the most important factors that help enhance your beauty. Foods that contain vitamins work to lengthen nails and keep them strong.

4- The manicure

Manicure is used to look bright hands, but recently it has been proven that the manicure works to keep the nails long and protect them from breakage, so the manicure can be applied once every 15 days, to keep the nails long, but it is preferable not to apply too much, so as not to damage the nails