Making Moisturizing Spray for Dry Skin


Making Moisturizing Spray for Dry Skin



10 Drops of Lavender Oil

10 Drops of Almond Oil

Half Lemon Juice

1 Bottle Mineral Water

Empty Spray Bottle

Preparation and application:

Place all ingredients in an empty spray bottle and close tightly.

Before use, shake the bottle and spray it on your skin.

Wipe your skin with the help of cotton.

You do not need to rinse. However, if you feel uncomfortable, you can wash with plenty of warm water after 30 minutes.


Apply this method, which meets the moisture needs of your skin, on your skin twice a day, in the morning and evening.

Before applying it to your skin, clean your skin thoroughly with soap. It should be applied to clean skin.

Too much moisture loss in the skin in very hot and cold weather causes premature aging of the skin. For this reason, it is necessary to moisturize the skin regularly and to provide moisture balance in the skin. This spray we have prepared will save your skin from drying and cracking.

You can store this prepared spray in the refrigerator. You can use it as needed.

This mixture, which contains the miraculous effects of nature for the skin, is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. If you want a more vibrant, cleansed skin that is not susceptible to harboring microbes, you should try.