Making Cinnamon And Apple Detox Water  

Making Cinnamon And Apple Detox Water






2 Cinnamon Sticks


2 Green Apples


1 liter of water


Juice of 1 Lemon


Preparation and Application:

Put the water in a glass jug.


Add the lemon juice and cinnamon to the water.


Wash the green apples thoroughly and slice them without peeling them.


Add the sliced ​​apples to the water.


Leave the drink to stand in the refrigerator.




In order to better dissolve the ingredients we have added into the water, prepare this cure in the evening and start consuming it in the morning.


Try to consume it all day long before each meal.

If you are applying such a detox cure for a healthy life, you must also do exercise and sports. You should follow a balanced and varied regime and not lead a sedentary lifestyle. This cure is a great antioxidant.


Cinnamon acts on digestive enzymes in the body with the effect of accelerating metabolism. Thus, it ensures the separation of nutrients and the absorption of nutrients, and regulates excess sugar. Cinnamon combined with apple can burn off excess sugar in the body.


Cinnamon water ; It is diuretic and keeps you full. Cinnamon water combined with apple accelerates the burning of fat in the body.


Do not do this cure for 3 weeks and do not do it for 1 week. Then you can start over.