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Make your own rose water at home - Care Beauty

Make your own rose water at home

Yes, you may be surprised by the title, but the method is very easy to make rose water at home.  Our Women Magazine offers you a simple way to make rose water


If you are a fan of growing roses and you have some roses that you want to get rid of, do not throw them away, but make rose water out of them


we need to:


2 cups of distilled water





1 cup rose petals from 8-10 roses


100% pure rose oil




1- Place rose petals in gauze


2- Put it in a bowl and pour water over it


3- Cover and simmer for 30 minutes


4- When finished, add some drops of rose oil and leave to cool


5- Cover it overnight and in the morning remove it with rose petals and pour water into a bottle


6- Keep in a cool and dark place