Some people love summer and others are afraid of it. For people who go to work all summer, the summer is a sweat and a heat. It is not impossible to hide at home throughout the summer months, but it is possible to reduce the effects of summer on the skin. Bathing 10 times a day is relatively impractical but very tempting.

So, what should we do to protect the skin from the scorching summer days? And detergent creams are the lifeline in this case. Usually I used to carry two packs of my favorite skin cleanser all day, but this has changed now, because I discovered that homemade cleansers are the best for the skin. I used to use this cream cleanser that I make with my own hands at home with my mom’s help. And I am very happy to share this secret with you. This cleanser is very suitable for normal to dry skin.

  • clean plate
  • spoon
  •  Yogurt
  •  honey
  •  Lemon
  •  cotton

Step One: Bring a clean plate to mix all the ingredients

Step 2: Add two tablespoons of yogurt (prepared or homemade yogurt)

The third step: Add one tablespoon of honey to the yogurt, one tablespoon only, so that the mixture does not become sticky.

Step Four: Isn’t this sight tempting?!

Fifth step: Bring a medium-sized lemon, and this lemon I brought from my own garden.

Step 6: Cut the lemon in half

Step Seven: I really love the shape of a fresh lemon! D:

Step Eight: Squeeze half a lemon only on the mixture, and that will be enough.

Step Nine: Take a spoon and mix the three ingredients well.

Step Ten: Now the cleaner is ready. is not it?

How do you use the cleaner?
Step Eleven: Get a few pieces of cotton

Step Twelve: Dip the cotton pads in the mixture and let it absorb the mixture.

The thirteenth step: The cotton is ready for use and it can be kept in the refrigerator and used when needed.

The thirteenth step: Rub the cotton on any area of ​​the body you want to clean. And this is my hand after using the cleanser.

 Some facts about detergent ingredients:
Lemon and milk are known to have cleaning properties, so they are the main ingredients in detergent. And lemon in particular has a clear and net effect on the face.
Honey is used to nourish the skin and add a healthy glow to the skin with regular use.
 What is the effect of the cleanser on the skin?
This cleanser is very suitable for normal and dry skin. It removes all dirt and oil from the skin, and gives you a refreshing clean after washing the face. It is possible to leave the mixture on the face for a longer period and wash it after it dries. And your face becomes cleaner and softer like baby skin and I noticed a glow and softness on my face after regular and continuous use of this creamy cleanser.
 Note :
You can change any of the ingredients of the cleanser depending on the type of skin. Owners of oily skin can add more lemon and less yogurt, while the ingredients of this cleanser are more suitable for normal and dry skin.