Make your own concealer at home!


Concealer is a make-up product that can never be dispensed with, because it covers dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, unifies skin tone and helps hide flaws.


Therefore, we offer you a way to make it at home at the lowest costs, according to the “Your Beauty” website.

Ingredients and method of application:
– Two tablespoons of the moisturizing cream that you use on your skin.
Two tablespoons of light face powder.
– A tablespoon of matte blusher that suits the color of your face skin.

How to make:
– Put the moisturizing cream in a small, clean, empty container you have, and then add the face powder.
– Mix the products well with a clean wooden stick or a small spoon, then you can put the amount of matte blusher.
– You have to keep blending until you make sure that the concealer becomes the color you want and the soft texture, and be careful not to make it liquid. And if you want to make it lighter, add a little light powder, but if you want it to be darker than your skin, increase the blusher. To make sure that the color of the concealer suits the skin of your face, try it either directly on the face, or by putting a little mixture on your hand.
After completing these steps, you can now use the concealer on the area around the eyes

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