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Make a cream to lighten dark areas and reduce body hair - Care Beauty

Make a cream to lighten dark areas and reduce body hair

Every woman seeks to have beautiful and extra skin with a uniform color, and she is always faced with the problem of changing the color of some areas to a dark color, as well as increasing hair in some areas of the body. Today, we will present to you, madam, a recipe for a cream that you can prepare at home to lighten the dark areas of the body and reduce hair at the same time. It also gives The skin is soft and smells beautiful.


This recipe consists of:


Perfumed soap, a box of rose water, 4 tablespoons of olive oil, 4 tablespoons of glycerin, the juice of a large lemon


How to prepare the recipe:


1- Grate the scented soap (what kind do you prefer) and put it in a bowl, then put a box of rose water on it, cover it and leave it overnight.


2- After a full night has passed, the pot is placed in a water bath and placed on the fire, stirring until it becomes creamy.





3- Then add 4 tablespoons of olive oil + 4 tablespoons of glycerin and stir until combined.


4- Then remove from the heat and leave until it cools down a bit, then add the juice of a large lemon.


5- It is placed in a glass container to preserve it.


How to use the recipe:


It is applied to the body 4 hours before bathing or before going to sleep and washed in the morning. The body is rubbed with a Moroccan loofah.


In order to get results, this cream is used three times a week for three months, after which it can be used once a week.