Loud music may cause tinnitus

Loud music may cause tinnitus


Author: BBC


A survey conducted in Britain showed that nearly two-thirds of those who attend loud parties in clubs or nightclubs suffer from tinnitus in their ears.


The Action on Hearing Loss campaign said that its poll of 1,000 adults also showed that a third of that number are not careful in adjusting the appropriate volume level while listening to music players.


The campaign warned that both of these matters may lead to an increase in the risk of tinnitus.


Half of the people to whom this survey was conducted confirmed that they listen to music between one and six hours a day, which amounts to a third of their waking period, as they listen to music in the background while they work in the office, or through the MP3 audio player. 3″ While they are heading to or returning from their work or places of study.


However, a fifth of that number did not show willingness to make any change that would lead to taking care of their hearing.


The campaign added, warning that one in ten living in Britain suffers from tinnitus every day, but its levels vary from hearing a “mild buzz” to a “continuous roaring” in the ears and head.


This can affect all aspects of a person’s life, from his concentration at work to his ability to sleep in the evening.

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