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Lemon and parsley recipe is the best for losing weight quickly

Perhaps you are on a strict diet to lose weight quickly, instead of losing weight

And you endanger your body’s health because of not having enough nutrients in it

With this diet, you are quickly exposed to infection as a result of the body’s weak immunity, as well

You notice that your skin and hair lose vitality and health as a result of this diet




Wrong. Stay away from any diet that oppresses your body and makes it lose the most important nutrients

And eat your food, but in smaller quantities. Say goodbye to the wrong system, madam, with this wonderful recipe

Tested to lose weight quickly without extra effort. So follow us! And tell us the results of the experiment.


Ingredients and ingredients:


30 peeled garlic cloves


4 pieces of lemon


6 cups of water


3 bunches of chopped parsley





How to prepare:


Put the water, garlic and lemon cut into slices in a saucepan over low heat until it boils and for an additional 10 minutes after boiling.


Put the mixture on top of the chopped parsley and keep it in a bottle overnight.


Have a cup of this drink daily before breakfast.


It is forbidden to take this drink on an empty stomach for those who suffer from stomach allergies or stomach ulcers.


Continue this drink for at least a month.

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