Lemon and chia seeds mixture..Does it really contribute to weight loss?

Lemon and chia seeds are very popular on social networks; For weight loss. But is this true? The answer is here with Dr. Julian Skanzi, a gastroenterologist and hepatologist.



All it took was a social media post from an American nutritionist to start the fire! Some time ago, Dr. Daryl Giuffre, in the context of a discussion about the problem of constipation, sparked an interest in a liquid based on water, chia seeds and lemon juice to cleanse the body.



What are the benefits of lemon and chia seeds?


Chia seeds contribute to a full stomach



This drink consists of plain water, to which lemon juice is added, and then mixed with chia seeds, which swell upon contact with the liquid. Once swallowed, it will give the impression of fullness, filling the stomach, to the point that we will no longer be hungry.

“Lemon juice has some benefits. It is rich in vitamin C that helps fight fatigue, is an antioxidant and improves digestion. Chia seeds are rich in fiber, minerals and omega-3s, and facilitate intestinal transit,” says gastroenterologist and hepatologist, Dr. Julian Skanzi.


The problem is that the properties of this drink stop there. Nor do we see what could be a miracle in that. “This is not how we will lose weight. This can only be done by rebalancing the food that is controlled and adapted to each person. Each profile is different, and you must adapt the diet according to certain criteria: your age, lifestyle, etc.. ‘ emphasizes the doctor.


If the drink is supposed to be effective in treating constipation, why not? “You can also eat foods that are rich in fiber,” Dr. Skanzi adds. “The effect will be the same, facilitating intestinal transit just as much.”




Beware of stomach bloating


It should be added that since a dose or quantity is often not recommended or specified in these many tips on the web, excess can have side effects. Consuming a lot of chia seeds can lead to bloating or stomach pain for example for fragile intestines.


Tip: Regular exercise to burn calories, and a healthy, thoughtful diet for each person is the most important thing that can be done to lose weight.

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