Learn how to enlarge and reduce the lips

always seeks to highlight her beauty, and the beauty of a woman lies in her face, especially when applying lipstick, as it increases her beauty and attractiveness, but today we will present to you how to put lipstick on the lips by making them bigger or smaller according to what you see fit for you.

Follow the article with us to learn how to enlarge and reduce the lips.. For large, full and puffy lips, apply a light color in the middle of the lips, then color the edges with a darker color, so that the lips appear as if they were swollen.


>In order to get small and thin lips, all you have to do is put a dark color in the middle after you put a light lip gloss, and it is better that the colors be pink so that the lips at the end look like an apple, and you must be careful to put the lip gloss on the edges and not go beyond the borders of the lips so as not to The lips appear large

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