Learn home first aid for minor burns

Home Aid for Minor Burns A simple burn is the least dangerous type of burn, when only the outer layer of the skin burns, and the burn does not reach the dermis layer, so the color of the affected area tends to red with the appearance of swelling and mild to moderate pain


When do you go to the doctor? If the area of ​​the burn is large, greater than 7.5 cm, or the burn covers large areas of the face, hands, legs, or lower abdomen, you must go to the emergency



Home care: Put lukewarm water “not very cold” for 5-10 minutes on the burn, either by soaking the affected area with water or applying cold compresses to reduce swelling and pain, do not use ice


» Wrap the affected area with sterile gauze without pressing it to protect the skin

» Wash the affected area periodically, 3 to 5 times a day

» I recommend applying a special ointment for burns or an ointment – MEBO – which speeds up the healing of the burn and reduces inflammation.

» To reduce pain, analgesics such as “Panadol” or “Brufen” can be taken.

» The area affected by the burn is more sensitive and susceptible to sunburn, so exposing it to the sun should be avoided.

» Watch for signs of infection such as increased pain, redness, swelling, or fluid draining from the burn area. Then you should see a doctor for the best treatment



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