learn about the benefits and importance of Zumba dance

Madam, learn about the benefits and importance of Zumba dance


It no longer takes the old traditional form that most women find difficult and repels, it has introduced many new techniques in the exercise of exercise, and has been combined with several global dances; To appear and spread in our Arab world recently, the Zumba dance, which was very popular; Because it has proven its ability to burn more fat and calories through its exercise, in addition to the presence of vitality and fun in it.

As part of the obesity campaign, Asmaa Al-Hawari, a Zumba trainer and complementary medicine specialist at Al-Hayat Health Sports Center, meets; Let’s talk quickly about this sport and its importance.

Zumba story

Al-Hawari tells us about the origin of Zumba, saying:

It is a Colombian fitness program, created by Beto Perez in the nineties, and is based on integrating a group of Latin dance types, such as: “samba, salsa, regaton, cumbia, merengue, billy dance”, with aerobics, and Zumba is one of the fastest types of exercise. It is widespread in the world, where about 14 million people receive weekly lessons in 14,000 places in more than 150 countries. 500 and 800 calories per hour, plus it eliminates depression.

Al-Hawari adds: “Zumba relies on light heating. Through rather calm music, it begins to gradually increase with the increase in the speed of movements and the enthusiasm of the trainees.”

Zumba programs:

• Zumba: It is the main Zumba program.

• Zumba Gold “Golden”: This program is for the elderly and beginners, as its exercises are less than the usual intensity.

• Zumba Toning: This program aims to sculpt the body using Zumba sticks, which are used as light weights during exercise.

• Aqua Zumba: a Zumba program in the pool.

• Zumba Kids: This program is for children aged 4-12 years.

• Zumba in the Circuit: “Zumba in the Circuit”: This program is considered supportive of some programs that use the circuit system of devices “Circuit”, thus mixing “aerobics” with the devices; To get a comprehensive workout in about half an hour.


Zumba is very effective in losing weight and fighting obesity; This is due to its ability to burn a large amount of calories.

Zumba improves mood, clears the mind, reduces stress, and increases self-confidence. Research has confirmed that after practicing any sport, and Zumba in particular, the level of endorphins is high, and this hormone is responsible for your sense of happiness, so we find that psychiatrists advise Depressed patients attend dance classes; This is to naturally raise the level of endorphins in the blood without taking medications.

– Zumba dance is useful for tightening the muscles of all parts of the body; It tightens loose abdominal muscles, buttocks and arms, as well as strengthens the pelvic muscles, reduces back pain, strengthens the lungs, gives real fitness, and increases the flexibility of the body.

– It improves facial features and increases its freshness; Because it improves blood circulation in the body.

It improves cardiovascular health.

It works to lighten the color of the skin, as it increases the percentage of oxygen in the body.

Reconciling thinking with the mind and linking movements with the body at the same time.

Zumba helps the mind and body to work in sync with one another.


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