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Learn about the 6 enemies of your skin that you do not know

Learn about the 6 enemies of your skin that you do not know




Yes, dear Eve, the skin has enemies that you must avoid and fight in order to have fresh and beautiful skin and the skin of dreams that you have been wishing for throughout your life.


We will introduce you to Eve, the most important enemy of the skin, which is


First: the tension


Stress is one of the main reasons that cause premature aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles, so it must be fought in various ways and means and to live in a calm environment away from nervousness to maintain the freshness and youth of the skin


Second: dehydration


The skin needs abundant amounts of water daily to maintain its freshness, luster and youth.


Third: fatty foods


To have fresh and healthy skin, fatty, ready-made and fast foods that contain a lot of calories should be avoided, and vegetables and fruits should be eaten more.


Fourth: pollution


The atmosphere contains a lot of polluting elements that harm the skin a lot, so the exposure of the skin to these pollutants must be reduced and antioxidant foods that fight free radicals that occur in the skin due to pollution should be eaten.


Fifthly: smoking


Yes, smoking is another enemy of the skin. Cigarettes contain about 4000 toxic substances. Therefore, exposure to cigarette smoke should be avoided and smoking should be avoided so that the skin does not get premature wrinkles.


Sixth: exposure to sunlight


Unprotected exposure to the sun has a very negative effect on the skin and can cause premature wrinkles and skin cancer

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