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Learn about 5 health benefits of apples

A recent medical study published in the British newspaper Daily Mail, and supervised by researchers from Washington State University, proved that eating one green apple a day may completely protect you from obesity, which is a very exciting matter.


The researchers explained this by saying that green apples contain some indigestible components, including plant fibers and polyphenolic compounds, which are not broken down by stomach acid, and that once these components reach the colon, they are fermented by intestinal bacteria, and contribute to promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria friendly to humans. Which works to reduce hunger attacks and stimulate the feeling of fullness, while people with obesity often suffer from a disturbance in the diversity of these bacteria and are exposed to multiple bouts of hunger.


The researchers confirmed that these results will also contribute to the prevention of many obesity-related diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and will lead to the discovery of new treatments for obesity. The researchers added that green apples are the only type proven effective in enhancing feelings of fullness and reducing hunger attacks, while other types have not proven similar effectiveness, such as red and golden white apples.


It also contributes to reducing the risk of stroke, according to a recent medical study recently published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, which indicated that for every 25 grams of apples that a person eats on a regular daily basis, the risk of stroke is reduced by 9%.


An Italian study published in the journal “Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics” also revealed that eating apples on a regular basis has wonderful health benefits for married women, as it acts as a natural sexual stimulant, enhances a woman’s ability to respond to her husband during intimate relations, and increases sexual secretions. Because it contains phloridzin, a substance similar to the female sex hormone estradiol, as confirmed by results that included 731 Italian women, aged between 18 and 43 years, who were keen to eat apples on a regular daily basis. One of the best healthy foods in the world, as indicated by a medical report recently published on the American “Medical News Today” website, is that apples are among the best healthy foods in the world, and that they are the first line of defense among the various fruits against diabetes, as they contribute to controlling blood sugar levels thanks to Its properties stimulate the pancreas and helps in the secretion of insulin

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