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Lavender lotion to cleanse and lighten the skin

There are many types of products available

Cleansing and exfoliating the skin, but most of them contain chemicals that cause irritation

Damage to the skin in the long term, especially if the skin is sensitive, and that is why I present to you

In the carebeauty Magazine, a method of making a natural, safe skin lotion that is suitable for all types of skin




It helps you to lighten the skin up to three degrees, and another one that suits the most sensitive skin. So follow us!


First: lavender and lemon lotion to cleanse and exfoliate the skin.


the components:


A tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda.


2 tablespoons of crushed oats.


A teaspoon of dried lavender.





Bee Honey .


How to use:


Grind the oats, lavender and soda bicarbonate together and put them in a suitable air-tight container.


Put the honey in another airtight container as well.


While washing the face, put a little honey on your hands, then add one tablespoon of dry ingredients to them.


Mix them together with your hands, then apply the lotion on your face with the help of a little warm water and massage the face with light circular motions.


Second: chamomile and sulfur lotion to clean sensitive skin.


the components:


Half a cup of grated sulfur soap for oily skin and pimples.


4 cups of water.


15 drops of chamomile oil.


10 drops of peppermint oil.


How to use:


Dissolve the soap in water over low heat and leave to cool.


Add to the soap and water drops of chamomile and mint oil.


The mixture is placed in a clean, airtight container and used to clean the face twice a day.

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