Lavender Lemonade Recipe

It has become an accepted fact that our lives are incredibly stressful. We are constantly working, dealing with family matters and at the same time trying to make time for ourselves. It should come as no surprise that in this rush we feel anxious and headaches become commonplace. Headaches and anxiety are side effects of living in a constantly stressful situation.



A healthy solution to cope with the side effects of stress becomes a necessity. Lavender oil is a very powerful essential oil known for its extraordinary healing properties. Containing more than 150 active ingredients, lavender oil is an effective antidepressant, anti-inflammatory and sedative. Click to read the article about the benefits of lavender…



Many studies have shown that lavender oil can be beneficial for various problems such as insomnia, alopecia (hair loss), anxiety, stress and post-operative pain. Lavender is also being studied for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. In a study conducted at the University of Florida, researchers discovered that lavender oil was effective in reducing anxiety and lowering heart rate. Surgical patients undergoing lavender-based aromatherapy showed a significant reduction in stress levels prior to surgery. This study is proof that lavender oil has a powerful sedative property.



Also, lavender essential oil contains anti-depressive properties and has been shown to aid in the transition to sleep. Some other benefits of lavender essential oil, as discovered in clinical studies, include:



Lavender aromatherapy improved pain tolerance in children and adults.Alleviation of depressed mood and anxiety in female patients on dialysis.Test results for patients showing decreased anxiety and increased alertness levels after olfactory administration of lavender oil.Reduction in stress and anxiety levels measured in brain patterns of patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit.


Lavender has positive effects on people. Therefore, it is an excellent essential oil for consumption. This brings us to this mix that will help relieve stress headaches and anxiety: Lavender lemonade. Click to read the article on foods that are good for headaches…



How can I deal with headaches and anxiety with lavender lemonade?


Drinking lavender lemonade helps relieve many symptoms, including:


Inflammation Headache depression


Besides drinking the concoction, lavender essential oil independently serves a variety of other medicinal purposes. The various properties of lavender are as follows:



Antifungal: It is a natural remedy for common skin and nail infections.


Antiseptic: Destroys germs and other organisms.


Antibacterial: It destroys or suppresses the growth of bacteria.


Anti-inflammatory: It reduces inflammation in various parts of the body.


Antimicrobial: Kills or inhibits disease-causing microorganisms.


Antispasmodic: Relieves spasms, including in the muscles.


Analgesic: It reduces various symptoms related to pain.


Detoxifier: It cleans the blood, cleans both the liver and kidneys.



Lavender lemonade is an excellent refresher. It is a delicious drink to complement any meal, day or evening.



Ingredients for Lavender Lemonade:


1 cup raw honey12 glasses of water1 drop of lavender essential oil6 limonLavender sprigs for topping (optional)




Peel and juice six fresh lemons. Mix all ingredients well and cool. Adjust to your desired taste by adding more water or honey if desired



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