Laser lip peeling… All you need to know

Laser lip peeling is one of the effective ways to restore youthful lips and give them a more beautiful and vibrant look. It is widespread and popular among women, due to its ease, effectiveness and positive effect, which lasts for several years, and requires only one session. If you are considering undergoing this technique, we provide you with everything you need to know about laser lip peeling.

The importance of laser lip peeling

Laser peeling to restore the youthfulness and vitality of the lips

Laser peeling is one of the best treatments for damaged and cracked lips as a result of many factors, primarily age, sunlight, harsh environmental factors, and bacteria that make their way to the inside of the lips, causing cracking and peeling… It works to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, and unify the color of the lips. Lips, giving them a silky smooth texture. In addition, it makes the lips more full and beautiful, and contributes to the promotion of collagen and the turnover of skin cells. Also, laser lip peeling is a wonderful treatment for the problem of blackening and discoloration of the lips, and to enhance their freshness.

Advantages of laser lip peeling

Laser lip peeling achieves very satisfactory results for most women, as it gives their lips a very attractive youthful appearance immediately after undergoing this technique. It also provides long-lasting results that last for several years. It can be used on the entire lips or on specific places of the lips, according to the damage suffered by the lips. In addition, it is very safe, rarely causes side effects, and is not painful.

Laser lip peeling steps

Laser peeling to remove lip wrinkles and cracks

The first step is local anesthesia for the upper lips.
– As for the second step, it is peeling the upper skin layer of the lips, which is damaged as a result of the many reasons we mentioned above, using the advanced carbon dioxide (CO2) laser.
The laser sends a charge of energy that heats and vaporizes the upper skin cells of the lips without reaching the deeper levels of the skin. Which works to exfoliate the lips and remove fine lines and wrinkles, and give the lips a polished and flawless look.
With the exfoliation of the dead skin layers, collagen production increases, and the texture of the lips becomes silky smooth.

Side effects

In rare cases, laser lip peeling causes redness of the lips that may last for up to four weeks. In addition, it does not last for a lifetime, but only for several years.

Post-laser lip peeling tips

Avoid exposure to the sun after laser lip peeling

After undergoing the laser lip peeling procedure, be sure to rinse your lips with cold water several times.
Avoid exposure to the sun, as it damages new skin cells.
– In the event of any side effects, contact the attending physician and follow up with him the condition of your lips.

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