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Korean skin care tips.. apply it

In the skin care routine, there are different types of creams for several areas of the skin, and when used incorrectly, the skin can deteriorate, and masks can also not be used in abundance; Therefore, be careful when using different products.


Meanwhile, Korean dermatologists have some simple and effective skin care secrets that you can include in your routine, including:


Washing the face with water only in the morning


Doctors do not recommend using the lotion more than necessary, as it is possible to suffice only once, and to wash the face with water only in the morning.


Not wearing masks every day


It is best to use masks only twice a week, but only oily skin can tolerate doing this sometimes, and the only mask that can be used every night is considered the “moisturizing mask”.


Exfoliate, then moisturize


Korean experts recommend that the skin should be moisturized immediately after peeling, and the older the woman, the lower the estrogen hormone and the greater the need for more moisturizing creams.




To keep the skin hydrated, dermatologists recommend using products that contain honey, rose water, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.


Use of anti-pollution products


The term anti-pollution skin care products may be strange, but Koreans include anti-pollution masks in their beauty routine, for example, anti-pollution masks containing charcoal can be used, and you can use masks with almond milk for those with sensitive skin.


Use an eye cream as a primer


Koreans have a trick to make concealer smoother, and make the under-eye area fresh and radiant, which is to use gel or water-based eye creams, which may help reduce dark circles, and make the skin matte.


Use of the “double mask” technique


Because the skin under the eyes is very sensitive, it needs more attention; Therefore, Korean experts advise to put patches under the eyes while applying a face mask, which will make you get more benefits.

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