Keep your lipstick in place for a long time

Using the right shade of lipstick helps complete your outer look, and also highlights the beauty of your eyes at the same time. In the morning, before applying lipstick, one of the basic steps to follow is to apply a layer of Vaseline to your lips. Vaseline acts as a protective layer that prevents lipstick from fading quickly. If you want to get a unique look and attractive lips with your favorite color of lipstick, here are some practical tips that will help you keep your lipstick stable for a long time.


1- If you want the lipstick to last longer, you should keep it in the fridge overnight before using it. When you cool your lipstick, experts say it helps the color stay on your lips for longer.


2- For a perfect base, apply a little powder on the lips. After that, use the lipstick on top of the powder layer that was applied to the lips. When you do this step, the lipstick will remain stable even when you drink your hot coffee.


3- For full lips, use dark tones, which are best for beautiful lips with lipstick. To get thicker lips, you can make a precise line of lip liner around the lips while filling in the lips using lipstick. Make sure to blend the lip liner with the lipstick.


4- One of the best tips for applying lipstick for women after the age of thirty is not to use bold and strong colors on your lips, as this helps to give you an age older than your age. Also, stay away from bright colors. The perfect choice for such a period are moderate and light colors.


5- Never mix two colors of lipstick together. Sometimes it can end in disaster. Instead, choose your favorite shade. Mixing two colors of lipstick together may cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. So, be careful.





Follow these simple tips to have long lasting lipstick and attractive lips.

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