Julia Roberts hand care tips

Even though the stars are getting older, their hands are still smooth, firm and wrinkle-free. Perhaps the reason for this is the belief that the hands are the secret of elegance and the symbol of beauty.


And here is the star Julia Roberts taking care of the beauty of her hands by making natural recipes.

Roberts advises every woman to take care of her hands like she takes care of her skin.


This will help you get hands that are soft, like silk, and free of wrinkles.


Learn with us the secrets of Julia Roberts:



1. You should drink a lot of water.


Water will make your skin hydrated, which will reduce wrinkles.

2. Follow a diet based on vegetables and fruits;


Because they are rich in vitamins, healthy foods also help protect your natural beauty.

3. Apply a layer of sunscreen to your hands as well.


Making sure that the cream is of good quality so that it can protect the skin well and preserve moisture inside it,


Which reduces dry skin that causes wrinkles.

4. Wear gloves when using chemicals that cause dryness and cracks to your hands.

5. Always use lemon on your hands, as it is one of the most important natural secrets to maintaining the softness of your hands.

6. If you want to buy a rich moisturizer for your hands,


It is preferable to choose natural moisturizers that contain peaches or apricots and are fortified with vitamin C.

7. Use natural oils as an oil bath on your hands once a week using a massage method.


This is so that moisture penetrates into the pores of the hands.

8. Finally, if you feel that premature wrinkles have begun to appear on your hands, you should consult a dermatologist.


Perhaps the solution to this problem does not exceed a few simple steps

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