Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss..with fruity flavour

Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes lip gloss tastes great and gourmet, you’ll shine with a fruity sheen and glamour.


After an eight year launch, Juicy Tubes have added sparkle to the smiles of all women worldwide who consume more than three million tubes each year.


Why Juicy Tubes?

Juicy Tubes refreshes makeup by combining fun and glamor with a unique product. It’s the first lip gloss in a dispenser, and gives definition thanks to its gourmet formula that contains the fragrance of strawberry, raspberry or juicy Chinese lychee.


Who is Juicy Tubes for?


For girls who love nature, for those who devour Tagada strawberries, for those who seek simplicity and do not prefer red lipstick, Asian women are at the top of the list, who love bright, pearly and transparent colours.






The success of the Juicy Tubes is due to its beveled edge, which allows the formula to be distributed very easily. Like a melting balm, its formula glides onto the lips to radiate intense luster and shine.


For information

Since their release in 2000 in limited quantities for their Spring/Summer collection, Juicy Tubes have seen all colors. Then the releases continued to expand the family, Juicy pop, with a strawberry flavor, and Juicy by Nature, which has the ability to moisturize, then designer Christopher Kane added touches of definition and development to the entire collection two years ago. And with a technological leap, the formula was enriched in 2007 with the Stick & Shine collection, with a customized formula for more shine. Juicy Tubes from Lancôme are available at the price of 19.10 euros for 15 ml.


In the same family:

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