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Announced global popstar Jennifer Lopez while ago about a willingness to ask treatment plan to embellish her name, which she needed from her work for a long time, even all her cosmetic high quality and luxury.

What did Jennifer Lopez say about her own beauty brand?

The pop star explained in a video posted on her official Instagram account that the most frequently asked question of the past years was “what do you use for your skin?”Hence the idea that she puts all her beauty secrets with a cosmetic product line that bears her name .Jlo Beauty

López supervised and experimented with the products herself, and the materials used proved effective for many years, all oils and 100% natural materials, in which she put the beauty secrets that her mother told her, such as the importance of aloe vera and olive oil for the beauty of skin and hair, J. Lo said of her new brand “launching a brand in your name,

The official website of Jlo Beauty offers a range of 8 Essential Products: a serum that gives your skin a radiance and glow like Jennifer Lopez’s, as well as paper-based masks, Moisturizing Cream, Day Cream with effective sun protection, eye area cream, cleanser lotion, bronze shine lotion that gives the skin a rich touch for which JLo has always been famous, as

Jennifer Lopez’s beauty secrets

Jennifer Lopez, the 51-year-old star, has always raised questions about her appearance and enduring youth, especially as she looks like a 20-year-old girl, given the nickname “J.” Glow ” any shimmering Jennifer, it’s due to Jennifer’s lifestyle, and some of her beauty secrets.

Get enough sleep

“The first advice is to always get enough sleep, no matter how busy I am and travel conditions, I like to get 9 or 10 hours of sleep, and if I can’t I always make sure I get at least 8 hours,” she told InStyle in 2018 .

Hydration by eating foods

Said Jennifer People magazine in 2016, she’s keen to drink a lot of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, carry them wherever you go, they play a key role in the freshness and vitality of skin.

Stay away from drinking and smoking

Explained to her fiance, baseball player Alex Rodriguez of Harper’s Bazaar 2018, to Jennifer live a clean life away from smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages.

Avoid caffeine

Jennifer takes her coffee every morning, but adopts caffeinated varieties, she reportedly told Us Weekly in 2016 “I haven’t had caffeine in years.”

Genetic factors

Despite all her attempts to keep her beauty alive, Jennifer explained to Today magazine that she has genes and genetic factors that are the cause of her lasting beauty, as her mother and grandmother have enjoyed this beauty for ages too.

Meditation and relaxation

In addition to her diet, Lopez believes that there is a mind-body relationship when it comes to beauty, as she told InStyle in 2016: “I definitely believe that beauty comes from within that’s why you have to keep your mind, soul and body in sync together,” she added .

She also revealed to Harper’s Bazaar magazine in 2018 that she is a fan of Mantra and daily affirmations (exercises for yoga and meditation), saying to herself as a daily affirmation “I am young and immortal”, and explained that it sounds like cliche nonsense, but it is not so age is everything connected in your mind.

Wash her face after exercise

“I always wash my face after a workout, it helps keep my pores clean and my skin feeling healthy,”she told Hello Magazine in 2016.

You also clean her face before bed

No matter how tired she is, she does not neglect her skincare routine, as she revealed to People magazine in 2016: “I never go to bed without taking off my makeup, and I use night creams

To keep my skin hydrated.”

Used glycolic acid to get its glow

Revealed Lopez also just People they use glycolic acid regularly to get this health extension skin net, a substance found in some cosmetics, works

The freshness of the skin.

Used anti-aging skin care products

Although she may spend hours in the makeup chair for shows and special events, Lopez makes sure to give her skin a chance to breathe, admitting to InStyle in 2016 that despite the many times she doesn’t give up putting on makeup, she takes every opportunity not to perform or sit in front of the camera, to shake her skin

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