Japanese makeup removal

We cannot repeat it enough, but the secret to having beautiful skin lies in its cleansing! And makeup removal is the most important step in a good beauty routine.
The Japanese quickly understood this. While they are constantly in search of the best care to obtain a perfect complexion, they are at the origin of a new beauty routine, the layering or more known under the name of Japanese make-up removal. This beauty ritual consists of superimposing several layers of treatment to obtain healthy, soft and radiant skin.


Every evening, Japanese women spend about an hour taking care of their skin. A beauty routine that requires time and patience but your skin will thank you for it, we guarantee it! Follow these 6 key steps for perfectly cleansed and hydrated skin.
1. Make-up removing oil:

The Japanese-style makeup removal technique advocates oil makeup removal to remove all impurities. This vegetable oil will help eliminate excess sebum accumulated during the day and impurities due to pollution while removing your makeup. The advantage with the oil is that it is suitable for all skin types, but we still have a little advice for sensitive skin: pour a small amount of oil in your hand and massage your face to remove all makeup. slowly.
2. Cleaning:
After removing makeup from your skin, you can move on to the second step of double cleansing. Using a foaming gel suitable for your skin or a mild soap, cleanse your skin thoroughly to really remove all impurities. Place your gel or soap on your face by rubbing gently, then rinse with lukewarm water.
3. The lotion:
Above all, it helps to prepare your skin for other treatments. It also purifies your skin, restores its radiance and helps dissolve possible traces of lime due to double cleaning.
4. The serum:
Fluid and light, the serum deeply hydrates the skin. There are a multitude of serum so choose it according to the type of your skin and the result you want to obtain.
5. The eye area:
The eye area requires special attention, the skin is more fragile so it should not be moisturized with a cream that is too oily. There is therefore a special product, in gel or cream that reduces the signs of fatigue, dark circles, puffiness and signs of age.
6. The moisturizer:
Like any good beauty ritual, moisturizer is essential to obtain beautiful skin. The moisturizer helps our epidermis to regenerate during the night and to protect itself from external aggressions