Is your skin pale and dull.. here’s the solution

Pale skin has many causes, some of which are organic: such as anemia, or liver and kidney problems, and if you feel that your skin is pale, you must first do some tests and tests to be assured of your health, and also commit to eating healthy and useful food and do not forget about fresh vegetables, especially leafy, Then follow these tips

Use the regular types of cologne that are orange or lavender, and put a small amount of it on your hand and distribute it on the skin of your face gently and after cleaning the skin well, and this method gives a natural redness to the skin, but be careful to apply the cologne

After you make a mask for your skin and moisturize it well, wash it once with hot water and after washing it 3-4 times with cold water

You can massage your skin using a towel moistened with hot water; By moving it on your skin in a circular motion for 10 minutes, once in the morning and once at night.

You can make compresses for your skin using a cotton ball soaked in salt water, and after making compresses with cotton soaked in warm milk for 3 minutes, and at the end put cucumber slices on your skin, or make compresses with cold cucumber juice.