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Is there anyone who gets rid of melasma spots? How to pass?

Melasma (melasma) is a common skin disease mostly seen in women.


Melasma (melasma) is a common skin disease mostly seen in women. Dark spots occur on some parts of the skin due to excessive exposure to sunlight and hormonal changes. It mostly appears as dark brown spots on the face area and on both sides of the face. Melasma is a skin disease for which treatment methods are available. There are many survivors of melasma in today’s technology. State-of-the-art methods such as laser therapy and chemical peeling can cure this skin disease.

What is Melasma (Melasma)?


melasma; It is the name given to the formation of black or brown spots on the skin. The cells that give the skin its color are called melanocytes. When melanocyte cells produce excessive melanin, melasma occurs in the skin. Melasma, which is more common in women than men, is a common skin disease. It is also frequently seen in pregnant women and the spots may go away on their own afterwards. Although melasma appears as dark brown spots on the nose, forehead, upper lip, cheeks and upper arms, it does not cause pain and itching. Not everyone is dark brown, but spots are also seen in light brown tones.


In Which Parts of the Skin Does Melasma (Melasma) Occur?


Melasma usually occurs on the face and on both sides of the face. It appears as brownish spots on the parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. The most common places of melasma on the skin are;


cheeks _Foreheadnose bridgeJawupper lipForearms and upper armsShouldersNeck


What are the Causes of Melasma (Melasma)?


It is not known exactly what causes melasma. Researchers say that the person’s skin has been exposed to intense sun rays since childhood and is caused by genetics. In addition, some conditions increase the formation of melasma by causing more melanin cell production in the skin. These situations are:


Pregnancy period (due to increased estrogen and progesterone hormones)


Oral hormone medications


Hormone treatments


birth control pills


some psychiatric drugs


prolonged sun exposure


Stress and thyroid disease


Treatments that sensitize the skin such as skin peeling medication, peeling, laser


Some scented soaps applied to the skin


Those with darker skin than those with fair skin


Procedures that irritate the skin, such as waxing


Some cosmetic products, applying lemon or baking soda to the skin can also cause melasma.


How Is Melasma (Melasma) Diagnosed?


Those with melasma spots should first make an appointment with the Dermatology (Skin Diseases – Dermatology) department. The dermatologist can usually diagnose by examining. But sometimes it can look at the spots on your skin with a light called Wood’s lamp. With this light, it can tell whether melasma is on the surface or deep of the skin. After diagnosing melasma, he applies a treatment method according to the severity of melasma.


How Is Melasma (Melasma) Treated?


Some melasma spots go away with treatment, while others go away on their own without the need for treatment. It usually goes away on its own, usually during pregnancy or if melasma has come out due to the birth control pill.


Melasma patients should use sunscreen creams regardless of summer or winter. Even if he uses sunscreen cream, he should not stay under the sun directly. Sun rays can further multiply and darken melasma spots. In the treatment of melasma, the doctor may prescribe some lightening creams and oral antioxidant pills. If the medications given by the dermatologist do not work, the dermatologist may recommend treatment methods such as laser therapy, chemical peeling and mesotherapy-PRP



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