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Is oatmeal good for diabetics?

Oatmeal is one of the friendly foods for diabetics, as it is nutritious and can keep you feeling full for a long time, but you only have to follow simple rules so that you can enjoy the benefits of oatmeal. In this report, we learn about simple rules for eating oats for diabetics, according to the “Health” website.

Is eating oatmeal good for diabetics?

Oatmeal is very beneficial for diabetics, mainly because of the soluble fiber called Beta Glucan. This fiber in oats slows the rise in blood glucose, keeps you full for hours and has shown to improve satiety.


Oatmeal for breakfast

It is best to start your day with oatmeal. Generally, diabetics should avoid eating starchy foods after this sunset because the body is naturally sluggish at this point, which lowers your energy requirements.

Add to that the fact that most of us sit, watch TV, or read at night. So, not just oatmeal, all grains like wheat, rice, and quinoa should be avoided at dinner.


Rules for eating oatmeal for diabetics

Oatmeal is a great way to stabilize blood glucose levels and aid in fat loss. You can enjoy the health benefits of oats if you follow these simple rules:

• Always eat a small amount, about 2 tablespoons at a time is fine.

• Mix it with a good fat, so you can add chia, flaxseed, ground almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, nut milk, or nut butter.

• Cinnamon powder is added to stabilize blood sugar levels.

• Avoid adding sweeteners such as honey and sugar. You can add a small portion of dry fruits such as dates, raisins, cranberries and figs.

• Replace milk or yogurt with a mixture of nut milk and water. Coconut or almond milk is a great option. You may need to add some psyllium husk powder to get the right consistency.

• Try using oats to prepare savory dishes.

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