Is it useful to dye hair after protein and get a suitable color?

If you are wondering whether it is useful to dye your hair after protein, we will reveal to you the appropriate answer and provide you with a set of tips to obtain an attractive color, knowing that there are many benefits of Brazilian protein for hair.


Protein treatments are considered one of the favorite options for many women to strengthen and nourish hair and rebuild damaged protein fibers. However, you may wonder about the possibility of dyeing hair after protein and obtaining a suitable and consistent color.


Hair color after protein


Hair care experts recommend dyeing your hair at least a week before treating it with protein, or waiting for two weeks after the treatment. You can dye your hair after a period of two weeks up to twenty days after using the protein, keratin, or any other hair straightening technique. The reason behind this is that the hair needs some Time for the protein molecules to be fully absorbed and utilized before applying the dye.


Tips and instructions for hair care after protein


In order to be able to take care of the hair to count the protein, we will reveal to you this group of tips and instructions that you must adhere to:


Avoid washing your hair for three days after a protein hair treatment, as water and humidity may remove some protein and frizz some strands. Leave your hair down and straight for at least five days after the treatment, because the protein is soft at this time. Do not tie your hair after the treatment and use Soft hair ties to make a ponytail after a few days.


When can hair be dyed after protein?


As mentioned earlier, you can dye your hair after a period of two weeks to twenty days of protein work. You must wait 2-3 weeks after the protein to get a perfect color and strong and shiny hair.


What happens if you dye the hair immediately after the protein?


If you decide to dye your hair immediately after the protein, you may face some problems such as inconsistent dye color and a negative effect on the result of the protein, therefore, it is better to wait for the appropriate period to pass before dyeing the hair to avoid these problems and obtain a satisfactory result.


You can dye your hair after protein and obtain a suitable and consistent color, but you must wait an appropriate period between treatment and dyeing to ensure the best result.

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