Is eating fruit after food beneficial?

What are the harms of eating it in this way? Blood, with its various components, is considered the water of life for the body’s tissues. From it they take food and excrete waste, and through it they protect themselves from microbes and toxic substances that work to destroy the body’s cells.

In the blood, red blood cells are very important components, as they contribute to transporting oxygen and oxygenated blood to various body tissues, and also contribute to getting rid of carbon dioxide.

What are the most important foods that raise the level of blood cells?

We review the most prominent foods that raise red blood cell levels, as published internationally:


Firstly :

Foods rich in iron, which is one of the most important elements that stimulate the production of red blood cells, is found in red meat, kidneys, liver, lentils, spinach, and egg yolks.

Dried plums and raisins. Iron contributes to the formation of hemoglobin protein, which transports oxygenated blood to various cells and tissues of the body.


secondly :

Foods rich in folic acid, which helps in the formation of new, healthy red blood cells. A deficiency in it may lead to anemia. It is particularly found in grains, spinach, cauliflower, plums, peas, dried beans, and nuts. This acid is always given to pregnant women in the form of manufactured pills with or without multivitamins. .


Third :

Foods rich in vitamin B12, which is one of the components of the vitamin B complex. It is necessary for the manufacture of DNA and stimulates the production of most new red blood cells from the bone marrow. Its deficiency may cause the formation of incomplete red blood cells. The most prominent foods rich in it are:

Liver, fish, red meat, eggs, dairy and its products.


Therefore, someone who suffers from anemia or a pregnant mother should focus her food on the various types we mentioned so that the body enjoys an acceptable level of red blood cells that work to perfuse the blood with oxygen and successfully transfer carbon dioxide from the body.

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