Including chocolate and fried foods.. Here are the daily habits that harm the skin

Although every person desires to have beautiful and fresh skin, he may make mistakes on a daily basis that damage the skin, provoke the appearance of acne and rashes, and contribute to the dehydration of the body.

In the report published by the Russian “FBRI” website, the writer Marusia Kout reviewed a set of daily habits that are harmful to the skin:


1- Consumption of sugar, salt and fats

The writer stated that sugar and salt should be excluded from the diet, or simply reduce the amount of their consumption to a minimum. In general, sugar can be replaced with honey. As for salt, it can be replaced with all kinds of spices. In fact, eating chocolate and fried foods can lead to skin rashes, which necessitates excluding high-fat foods from the main diet whenever possible. On the other hand, fruits contain beneficial nutrients that will help maintain the freshness of the skin.


2- Sleeping without removing make-up

Experts recommend removing makeup before going to sleep and not ignoring it, because of the skin’s need for rest. In this context, clogged pores due to cosmetics lead to acne, blackheads, rashes and other blemishes. And if you are on travel, it is advised to take a makeup remover or cleanser to remove makeup before bed.


3- Eat small amounts of water

Nutritionists and cosmetologists confirm that an adult needs to drink at least two liters of water on a daily basis, especially since the lack of fluid in the body leads to premature aging, as well as the appearance of additional wrinkles. Moreover, drinking the recommended amount helps to avoid such problems and to have a fit body.


4- Exposure to sunlight

Some people ignore the use of sunscreen before leaving the house. In fact, UV rays dry out the skin, leading to wrinkles and premature aging. Therefore, sunscreen should be used in sunny weather and even when going to the shops, and buying cosmetics that consist of protective materials that protect the skin from the sun’s rays and keep it moisturized.


5- Use a lot of creams

The writer added that caution should be exercised when using cosmetics, because using them incorrectly would damage the skin. Besides, excessive misuse and application of a large amount of cream may make the skin either oily or extremely dry. In the meantime, it is recommended to use only the recommended amount, and to wash the face before applying the cream on it.


6- smoking

Smoking is considered a bad habit that should be eliminated in order to maintain health. In addition to harming the lungs and teeth, smoking leads to the appearance of wrinkles in the face and discoloration to become dull gray, and depriving the body of obtaining essential nutrients.

7- Peeling the face

The author reported that the abuse of this procedure would lead to negative consequences, including the loss of the natural fat that is the protective layer of the face, and it becomes more susceptible to the negative effects of the sun’s rays.



8- hot water

Pores expand under the influence of hot water, causing skin irritation, and the body rids itself of natural fats, which leads to dry skin.


9- Dirty makeup brushes

The writer said that beauty experts recommend cleaning makeup brushes at least once a month, because of the accumulation of a lot of dirt on them, which can damage the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to wash it well with soap to reuse it again.


10- Expired cosmetics

The writer pointed out that the use of expired creams is one of the things that harm the skin, due to the change in the chemical composition of the substance after a certain period, and the use of these creams may cause the appearance of allergies, rashes and acne.