Important tips after eating

Important tips after eating!!

1- Do not eat fruits directly
Eating fruits immediately after eating causes the stomach to swell with air.

Therefore, it is recommended not to eat fruit before an hour or two has passed

From eating or an hour before a meal.

2- Do not drink tea directly
This is because tea leaves contain a large amount of acids

This substance will affect the protein found in foods that…

We consume it and it makes it dry and difficult to digest.

3- Do not loosen the abdominal belt
Unbuckling your trousers after eating leads to twisting and blockage of the intestines.

4- Do not swim
Bathing immediately after eating increases blood flow

To the extremities (legs and hands) and therefore the amount will decrease

Blood flowing around the stomach. Which will weaken the digestion process.

5- Don’t walk
It is a common mistake that many people believe in this saying

“If you walk a hundred steps after eating, you will be healthy until the age of 99.”

This is a wrong statement. Whereas walking after eating

It will directly lead to poor digestion.

6- Do not sleep directly
Sleeping immediately after eating leads to failure to complete the process

Digestion, which may lead to intestinal infection or gastroenteritis

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