Important beach skin care tips

Protection from the sun is one of the most important things that you should take with you to the beach, because the ultraviolet rays of the sun cause serious damage to the skin. From the sun’s rays, we now offer you a set of important beach skin care tips, follow them and have healthy skin all the time…




1-Using skin tissues: Eve, you should make sure to take your skin tissues with you to the beach, as the heat of the skin produces a lot of oils, so you must wipe them with these tissues to keep your skin clean and free of defects, and you can also use skin tissues to get rid of the remains Make-up before going to bed or in the water.



2- Masks to soften the skin: Use natural masks to care for your skin and nourish it to give you soft, smooth and healthy skin, and avoid using industrial chemical preparations to avoid your skin from getting toxins and pollutants.



3- Hair accessories: There is no doubt that hair accessories give a beautiful and charming look, but avoid wearing them, especially when you go to the beach, as the high temperature generates sweat that interacts with these accessories and damages your hair and skin. Your hair stays away from your skin in the summer.



4- Body lotion: Use body lotion before and after sunbathing or bathing in water, and make sure that its components contain vitamins and natural nutrients to give your skin softness and freshness.



5-lip ointment: The areas most sensitive to sunlight are the nose and lips, so you should take good care of them by applying a lip balm rich in vitamins that nourish your lips and protect them from dryness and cracking, and make them always soft and healthy.

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