Human skin transplantation… automatically

Russian media reported that a laboratory specializing in human skin transplantation has begun work on growing a layer of connective tissue, whose cells ensure faster healing of the skin covering during the treatment of burns.


She pointed out that this laboratory will provide the production of this necessary biological material, which can save the lives of thousands of infected people who need skin transplants, pointing out that it also has production capabilities to grow stem cells.


Pointing out that the value of the robot that controls the production process amounts to 40 million rubles (approximately $1.13 million), while the cell production process requires biological material obtained from a donor.


Fibroblasts are extracted from a slice of skin and placed in a small bottle, then the robot moves them with his arm to incubators, where the conditions required for the growth process are created in terms of temperature, the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air, and others, knowing that the process takes several days.

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