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How to strengthen hair with rosemary oil

For everyone who wants to strengthen hair naturally without drugs, they can use rosemary oil, as it is the most powerful force in strengthening hair and increasing the strength of the follicles. Throughout the ages, rosemary oil has been used to treat scalp and hair problems such as dandruff, dry hair and hair loss. Rosemary is an herb that helps stimulate hair roots to grow faster and longer. It also helps delay the appearance of gray hair. Rosemary also increases hair growth by 44% if mixed with thyme and lavender.


Strengthen hair with rosemary oil


In an airtight, sterile glass container, add rosemary, then fill the bowl with olive oil until the rosemary is completely submerged, then shake well.

  • Put this bowl in the sun directly for three days
  • Then keep the container for four weeks in a damp, dark place
  • Drain the oil from the leaves and store in a dark, damp place


1- Apply rosemary oil to the scalp at night and cover the head, then leave it overnight to penetrate the scalp well.

2- You can use it as a pre-shampoo oil, just do as before and then wash your hair with shampoo well after that and you will notice a difference in the softness and strength of the hair.

3- You can also use this oil in cooking, just add a few drops of it to grilled meat or to sauteed vegetables and you will notice a beautiful flavor in your food.

4- In a spray bottle, add rosemary oil, aloe vera extract, rose water and lavender oil and shake well, then use this sprayer to spray hair every morning and keep it in the refrigerator. This mixture helps prevent bacterial growth in the scalp.

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