How to start a small business and market it with the least possibilities

Most small projects start with a very small budget that does not bear the extra expenses, especially if it is in marketing and advertising, but the biggest problem is that without marketing, this project will not be able to sell its products and people know them to achieve the desired profits from it. But fortunately, we are now in the era of social media or social networks, which is an appropriate and free way to market products for small projects with a small budget. But you must take into account these important instructions in order for the marketing to be successful and suitable for your project:


1. Create a website for your business:


The practical steps for creating a site require booking a domain name , choosing a site to host it, and using a web design program. However, there are some sites that allow you to provide domain and hosting services for free, but you should know about the site’s conditions in this regard


2. Use social networking sites:


The most important thing that social networking sites offer these days is the gathering of a large number of people and relationships in one place without the need for much effort, such as Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, linkedin and many others. You can then use it to promote your product very easily once you announce its presence on this site in the way that suits the site itself, and it is also important to keep your followers aware of everything new about your product


3. A mailing list for your product:


It is useful to send everything that is new about your company to a mailing list that you create that comes in the form of an attractive monthly newsletter to customers that encourages them to purchase your services or products. It is also helpful to encourage your friends to talk about you and publish your work as a service from them to you


Blog for your business:

If you cannot create a website, you can create a blog about your business. It is usually free, but you must take into account that it is as professional as possible that suits the nature of your products, and you must maintain the publication of your business name and information on how to contact you directly and your location on the map. It is preferable to mention the existence of some free products as gifts or others in order to encourage people to enter your business blog and get to know them

Marketing Small Business, Educate Yourself 6

5. Free lectures or presentation:

Of course, your project will touch a certain class of people, so it is important that you talk to them face to face through presentations in certain places and explain how to run your business or explain part of it for free so that people get to know you more

Marketing small projects, educate yourself 8

6. Free Advertising Sites:

There are sites such as Google and Craigslist that allow free places to advertise your business or services, and all you have to do is create an account on these sites and write the information you want to appear about your business in the advertisement

7.Communication with Chambers of Commerce:


Chambers of Commerce are organizations that allow you to have a lot of contacts, especially the American Chambers of Commerce, which talk about a lot in different markets, not only foreign but also Arab. They talk about a lot of information that you may not be aware of. You are the business owner in the country and can offer you offers The educational and financial support you need, but you must study the conditions first and foremost, and most importantly, it gives you a lot of skills in the art of marketing and business






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