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How to shave and leave skin soft

To get a perfect shave with a razor, some care must be taken to remove hair efficiently and not to damage the skin due to cuts or ingrown hairs.
Although shaving with a razor does not last as long as shaving with hot or cold wax, it is still used because it is painless, fast and removes hair for about 3 to 5 days.

How to shave and leave skin soft

In the event that hair is removed from the sensitive area, other precautions must be taken. Find out which one relates to how to properly perform intimate hair

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1. Peel by

The first step to getting the perfect shaving wax is to peel it off about 3 days in advance. This helps prepare the skin for waxing by removing dead skin cells that can harden the razor and reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.

2. Go to the bathroom

At the time of waxing, it is necessary to leave warm water on the area to be removed for two minutes to expand the pores and facilitate hair removal with a razor.

3. Use shaving cream to shave

It is recommended that you use shaving cream or other hair removal products instead of soap or conditioner because these products dry out the skin, increase the risk of infection, and make hair removal difficult.

4. Shave in the direction of hair growth

The blade should be passed in the direction of hair growth from top to bottom so as not to damage the skin and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs under the skin.

5. Wash the razor while removing the hair.

Rinsing the razor with water while shaving is important to remove accumulated hair and remove it more easily. In addition, the blade should be thoroughly washed and dried after waxing and before storage so that it does not rust and can be used at other times.

6. Then apply moisturizer.

Finally, it is necessary to apply a moisturizer to the skin after waxing to moisturize it, as it is very sensitive and irritated after waxing.

7. Use the blade only 3 times

It is necessary to change the blade after 3 uses, because with excessive use it can rust and make hair removal difficult. In addition, it is important not to share razors because shaving with a razor blade can cause small cuts in the skin, increasing the risk of developing or transmitting disease.
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