How to remove acne scars with natural recipes at home


Removing the scars of acne, many problems and endless embarrassment that young men and women are exposed to, especially in adolescence, because of the incidence of acne and the consequent distortion of the face and concealment of its features, and even endless pain, which makes the process of searching for ways to remove acne the most important thing that young people look forward to. Especially girls to reach it, and from this standpoint we presented to you this topic through the site of nidara.

Remove the scars of acne

Before we talk about the natural recipes that you can use in order to remove the scars of acne, we must tell you about some of the reasons that lead to the presence of disturbances in the sebaceous glands, which leads to the emergence of acne in some in the teenage years, especially if the skin is of an oily nature And here are the most important reasons: –

The accumulation of bacteria and some acids inside the sebaceous glands, which leads to the appearance of acne in large quantities.

The presence of some hormonal changes during menstruation.

Using some cosmetics or moisturizing creams that can have a lot of sebum, especially on oily skin.

Exhaustion and fatigue of the skin, as a result of exposure to psychological pressure or tension, which may lead to acne.

Take a progestogen-containing birth control pill.

Natural mixtures help you remove acne scars.

A mixture of rose water and green clay

Green clay helps you get rid of acne scars in about one week, if you keep using it mixed with concentrated rose water, and you will not find any effects of it again.

the ingredients

A small amount of rose water.

A tablespoon of green clay powder.

How to use

Put the amount of green clay in a small bowl, then add the amount of rose water to it.

Whisk the ingredients together until the dough is completely homogeneous and easy to spread.

Apply the paste to your face and the affected areas, and massage it with your fingertips.

Leave it for a period of 10 – 15 minutes to dry completely, then wash it with warm water, and repeat the process several times a week.

Rose water mixture

The mixtures that rose water are included in its composition help you to remove acne scars permanently, as it cleanses the pores of the face from bacteria, fats and fungi, heals scars as well as saves you from excess fats and oils in your face, and maintains the so-called acidity of the skin.

the ingredients

A large spoonful of rose water.

Like a spoonful of lemon juice.

How to use

Put lemon juice and rose water in one bowl, and mix together until you get a solution of consistent color and texture.

Apply it on the affected areas on your face and leave it for half an hour, then wash it with warm water, and repeat the process daily.

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